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Hi, I’m Andrew Kirchner, Andy for friends. I’m also known as The Recycled Pirate.  Here’s why.


My Story

After a life altering accident that was supposed to leave me paralyzed, I found a new purpose in life. I quickly realized that if I wanted to walk again, I had to change my mindset as it relates to my emotional health and my self-expression.

Sitting in a wheelchair I had plenty of time to contemplate life and that’s when I desired to earn a spot on a TEDx stage. After four years of hard work I accomplished that dream in 2016 and I realized I had more to give to the world than working 4 years for 15 minutes of fame.

I had created a project in the previous years, 2nd Life Curaçao, to get me from a disability check (welfare) to become a small business owner. It even won me the JCI IOBA Aspiring Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015 and as my cycle from wheelchair to social entrepreneur completed, I understood that the message I was taught, wasn’t mine to keep.

I started coaching people that were dealing with life’s difficulties and still felt I was playing small. It is easy listening to someone for me and give them advice on how to deal with their meantal health. I wanted to go deeper into the human programming, and really understand why we feel sad, angry or jealous. This led me to meditation, mindfulness, yoga and alter my mindset completely. What I realized on this journey that everything I learned I already had in me. I just didn’t know…

It became my calling to plant as many seeds in as many people as possible and teach them that they are powerful beyond means. As I spoke in more classrooms and corporate events, I would get personal questions and I understood that the message starts within us. People want to know their why. Their how. And their what. I share those thoughts in daily quotes on social media, but soon wanted them to become more physical. We are touching our phones enough and how can I “coach” people without being there?

By creating my own postcards and statement apparel with quotes that came straight from my coaching and public speaking business.

If I can re-learn to walk, that means I can relearn how to think and now it my turn to help as many people as possible starting with you.

Welcome to The Recycled Pirate.

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The Recycled Pirate on stage


This man comes bearing gifts.
Sincerity. Non-judgment. Stability. A heart of gold, like the sun. Love. He is genuinely motivated to make sure YOU succeed.
The best way I can put it is: Andy Kirchner, you are one strong, solid human being.
Pleased to meet your acquaintance.

Shalini Iyengar

Words cannot describe the amount of respect I have for this man. A strong and trustworthy person both in his professional career and as a friend he has the ability to communicate through kindness and understanding. His ability to listen to others and reading behind the lines is impeccable. As human beings sometimes we lack the ability to consciously take a moment for ourselves to really connect with ourselves and communicate with others. The word conscious, the ability of self-analysis and taking time to reflect is necessary, it is the only way to heal and come to terms through love and compassion.

As human beings we have different languages to communicate, sometimes these ways can be misunderstood. Everything we do, everything we say has underlying emotions. Learn to see, learn to see yourself in order for you to see others is the beauty of life and for you to be the best version of yourself and the ones around you. We all need an Andy in our lives.”

Saïde Carvajal Gil

You’ve helped people, even people you didn’t know, and pushed them to help themselves. Like most inspirational heroes, you’ll have to accept that you’ll never fully know how many or how much you’ve helped. You are definitely magazine ready my friend. Enjoy, and use it to further your mission. Never forget, you rock!

Tammie Olaker

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