Postcard with handwritten message from Andy Kirchner


High quality postcard made from recycled paper with a Pirate Wisdom Quote by The Recycled Pirate with a handwritten personal message. The postcard quotes vary (SURPRISE!) and will be shipped from Curaçao to you or your dear one with an original Curaçao stamp.

For every postcard processed though this order, another one will be shipped to someone who needs an uplifting message.

If you have a specific message that you want to send, reach out to our team at

"Everyone a postcard" I yelled as I unpacked a hundred postcards not realizing how much people miss receiving a personal card. I called my designer "we need our own stamp, so we can send out hundreds of cards every year." Reading the replies from people around the world in my DM's I knew I was on a more special mission than I could have ever foreseen.

And here we are 300 postcards later in less than 12 months. About eight countries in four continents with quotes like "Stay Weird! Normal is so overrated." "If you want to be beautiful, treat others like it." Or, "I love you. And you are stupid, therefore I love you stupidly." And many more, it's still the beginning of what I hope to achieve. With your help of $5 I can ship more postcards who need or deserve the acknowledgment and with that brighten someone's day. The postcards* are of such good quality and design that they fit in every home decor on the fridge or wall.

Join me on my mission to bring some human connection during all this social disconnection.

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For every card you buy, another one will be shipped to someone around the world who deserves it.

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Weight.1 kg

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4" x 6" / 10,16 cm x 15.24 cm